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Solar Street Lights and Car Park & Area Lighting

Solar car park lights, solar street lights and solar park lights are typically wall or post mounted in locations that mains power is inaccessible or uneconomical. Our Solar powered Street light range is a reliable alternative to wired street lighting, providing high powered commercial grade solar lighting which easily meets Australian lighting standards.

These high output solar LED streetlights offer a zero ongoing cost alternative to mains powered street lighting and are also installed in car parks, skate parks, external mining operations, large public spaces, industrial/commercial and building sites in a permanent or temporary application. We also have solar powered streetlights with high security CCTV capability, featuring exceptional output, PIR operation and a Wi-Fi/SIM card accessible CCTV, viewable on your device anywhere in the world.

Solar Street Lights

Choosing the right overhead lighting for your application

SLD has a wide range of solar powered streetlights that are selected depending on the site requirements or environment. This can be a difficult task when comparing the various product data sheets against each other, so below is a description of the main differentiating points between our range of solar power street lights and solar park lights.

SLD Pro Range

The SLD Pro series offers the latest in commercial solar street light technology. The SLDPRO series combine premium components, quality construction methods and a unique design to offer superior, intelligent solar street lighting. The engineered balance of a LiFeP04 Battery, MPPT controller, grade A solar panel and premium Phillips LED’s ensure a powerful and reliable solar street light solution.

Unlike All-In-One solar lighting the Pro series commercial solar street lights provide the ability to orientate the solar panel separately to the light head. The solar panel can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 240 degrees vertically ensuring maximum photovoltaic conversion and minimum recharge time. Solar Street lighting with separate solar panels are a great option for areas that do not receive full sun all day or where the best position for the light head is not the optimum position for the solar panel. The completely programmable Pro series is designed to exceed the most stringent of lighting specifications.

Blade Range

The SLD Blade range of solar lighting is our standard commercial solar street light. These lights are designed to suit all typical applications, and simply operate with dusk-till-dawn functionality. When the lights are on, the lights will operate at 40% output until the P.I.R (passive infrared) sensor is triggered, adjusting to 100% output, and returning to 40% output when no motion is detected. This energy saving feature has the dual benefit of allowing this Solar Park Light to have over 5 nights of operation from a single full charged battery, as well as largely reducing unnecessary excess light.

Atlas Range

The Atlas range of solar street lights was designed with multiple light output intensities to cater for applications such as commercial solar street lights, solar park lights and LED car park lighting. With three inbuilt operational modes, the Atlas range is perfect for specialised applications where full lighting may only be needed for specific periods rather than all night.

  • Mode 1: 30% output until the PIR is activated, operating at 100% until no movement is detected, returning to 30%.
  • Mode 2: 5 hours 100% output then 25% output until the PIR is activated, operating at 100%. 2 hours before dawn, mode changes to a constant 70% output until dawn.
  • Mode 3: Orange indicator light. constant 70% output dusk until dawn.

Self Cleaning Range

The SLD Self Cleaning range was designed for areas where sea spray, dust, dirt or snow may cover the panel preventing the battery being charged fully. Operating using the same programmable modes as the Atlas range, this solar street light comes with the addition of a cleaning bar which automatically sweeps over the panel up and back three times in the morning and then once every six hours.

Semi-Integrated Range

The SLD semi-integrated range allows for the solar panel to be oriented independently from the light head. In Australia, solar panels should be north facing for optimal charging efficiency, though that isn’t always possible with an all-in-one solar light head unit. Additionally, in areas that have extended tree cover, all-in-one LED solar street lights simply won’t receive enough sunlight to operate properly. In these cases, a semi-integrated solar light head allows for the repositioning of the solar panel to ensure the light charges and works at maximum efficiency.

If you would like assistance in determining which LED carpark light is best for your application, call us at 1300 765 265.