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Foundation cageFoundation cage


  • Foundation bolt/cage to be fully welded construction in accordance with as 1554.1 weld symbols comply with as 1103.3
  • Hot dip galvanised after fabrication
  • Concrete to have a minimum characteristic strength of 32MPa or 40MPa where an exposure classification of moderate is determined
  • Minimum clear concrete cover to be 65mm
  • All concrete shall be placed and vibrated to optimum compaction
  • Pile casings to be used for constructions purposes where required
  • Engineering advice is to be sort where soils are assessed to be of exposure classification severe or greater
  • Soil classification to be determined by a geotechnical engineer
This table is to be used as a guide only. All pile specifications should be confirmed with an appropriately qualified engineer prior to construction. M20 Foundation bolt/cage assembly on 233mm PCD. Based on average soil conditions. Certification by others.

Technical Data

Soil Type As defined in AS/NZS 4676: 2000 Appendix

Firm Damp Clays; Sandy Clays; Damp Sands
Fb > 100KPa

Pile Diameter


Pile Length


Cage Bolt Assembly


Bolt Pattern

4 M20 on 233 PCD

Ultimate Base Moment

10.1 kNm

Ultimate Base Shear

2.5 KN


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SLD M20 Foundation Cage Data Sheet