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2024-04-23 01:18:52

The Innovative Features of Modern Solar Street Lighting Systems

  • ethan
  • April 23 2024

Introduction to Solar Street Lighting


The ability to illuminate spaces is essential, and as we move forward doing so in a sustainable manner is critical.

Introducing solar street lighting, which does exactly this. It represents the next step in integrating renewable energy into our daily lives.It's not difficult to understand how solar street lighting works, as the name does that already. By converting solar energy into light, it can provide a renewable, efficient way to illuminate our public spaces.

In this blog post, we're going to be diving into the modern features that are taking this new lighting solution to the next level. And why you need to consider it for your next project.


The Modern Solar Street Lighting Features You Need


New, innovative features are truly elevating solar street lighting and how it can be used.


Beyond Lighting: CCTV Capabilities


By integrating CCTV capabilities into your solar street lights, you can create a self-sufficient security system. With its own power supply, you can efficiently monitor your property seamlessly.


Smart Solutions: Wi-Fi and SIM Card Integration


Smart solutions are now available with Wi-Fi and SIM cards in-built, allowing you to control your systems from wherever you are on the globe.


PIR Operation in Solar Street Lighting


Passive Infrared light sensors (PIR) allow you to access all new features that can detect desired scenarios. Allowing you to program your lighting solutions to trigger exactly how, and when you want them to.


Applications of Solar Street Lighting


Solar street lighting presents a multitude of scenarios where this new lighting solution would be an ideal fit.


Illuminating Public Spaces with Solar Street Lights


Public spaces stand out as an obvious option, with the energy-saving aspect enough to warrant its use. With new smart features like CCTV, and PIR, you can ensure your location is illuminated exactly as you want it.


Solar Lights in Car Parks


Car parks with smart lighting solutions allow for enhanced safety, security and efficiency. By programming PIR systems you can ensure your lighting solution provides the ideal illumination for your property.


Skate Parks and Recreational Areas


Lighting public spaces after hours is always difficult to justify, especially as budgets continue to tighten. Skate parks and other recreational areas suffer from this, as people are unable to utilise them without adequate lighting. Solar lighting allows for these spaces to be efficiently, and importantly affordably illuminated.


Commercial Spaces


Safety is a primary concern in many commercial spaces, and lighting is just one part of it. By utilising a smart lighting system, you can ensure your property is as safe as can be.


Our Top Lighting Solutions


SLD offers a diverse selection of solar-powered street lights tailored to specific site needs. We've simplified the comparison process by highlighting the key differences between our solar street and park lights.

  SLD Pro Range  

The SLD Pro Range is designed for commercial applications, with high-end components and quality construction methods. The unique design offers smart lighting solutions, combined with a custom design allowing maximum solar efficiency for areas that don't have access to optimal sunlight.The solar panel can be almost completely rotated 360 degrees, independently of the lighting head.This results in a highly flexible, robust and reliable solar street lighting solution.

  Blade Range  

The Blade Range is the standard commercial solar street light from SLD. They are designed to be effective in all standard applications and operate seamlessly with a basic dusk-till-dawn function.They are further enhanced to increase efficiency with PIR sensors. This allows the system to operate at reduced outputs until triggered by your desired circumstance.This design allows for over 5 nights of operation from a single fully charged battery, with the added bonus of reducing unwanted light pollution.

  Atlas Range  

The Atlas range is an advanced design, allowing for multiple 'modes ' to be programmed. This allows the system to be tailored for the desired application perfectly.This system is well suited to specialised needs where full lighting is not needed all night, like commercial street lights, solar park lights and LED car park lighting.

  Self Cleaning Range  

The Self-cleaning range does just as the name suggests, keeps itself cleaned and operating at maximum efficiency. This system is well suited to areas where debris may cover the solar panel, preventing charging.Applications where sea spray, dust, dirt, snow or other debris is present are well suited to this design.It cleans itself with an innovative cleaning bar that sweeps across the panel at regular intervals.


Final Thoughts


Choosing the right solar lighting solution for your needs ensures not only environmental benefits but also operational efficiency and cost savings.If you would like assistance in determining which lighting solution is best for your application, call us at 1300 765 265.Our experts are ready to guide you through making the perfect choice for your specific requirements.