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Our Security and solar flood lights are designed to effectively illuminate larger areas including entire back yards, car parks, parks and garden areas, walkways, and cycleways, anywhere that requires constant lighting. The solar floodlights are so versatile they can be wall or post mounted and are designed for use in various applications.

Solar Flood Lights

Benefits to Using Solar Flood Lights

Illuminate large areas

As their name suggests, floodlights are designed to flood a large area with especially bright light. With high-powered LEDs set at a 120° angle and a reflective inner frame, the SLD solar flood lights produce 3300 lumens to ensure large areas are effectively illuminated. Alongside the 50W solar panel, this solar flood light is designed to operate for 4 days on a single charge.


Solar floodlights are an effective and inexpensive theft and vandalism deterrent for your home or commercial property. Operating via a 360° radar sensor system, the light will immediately illuminate when triggered, discouraging intruders and alerting homeowners of someone’s presence.


The SLD solar security lights and solar floodlights are manufactured from powder coated cast aluminium and were designed for external use. Powered by a LIFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate battery, our solar security light will operate through all weather conditions for a minimum of 6 years before the battery would need replacing.


Our solar flood lights are an inexpensive alternative to standard overhead lighting. With the ability to light a large area, radar sensor or manual remote-control options and simple installation, our solar floodlights can operate as yard lighting, security lighting for homes or businesses and as solar path lighting for public areas.


Our solar flood lights come with a 2-year warranty. This allows our customers to have confidence in the products they purchase from us and know that they’re built to last.


Other Solar Security Lighting Products

Below is a list of all our solar powered security lighting and CCTV options.


30W Solar CCTV Light Solar Lighting Designs CCTV/Lighting all-in-one units offer remote lighting and CCTV recording from almost any location. Systems are available in Wi-Fi or 4G models and are standalone solutions for areas without access to mains power. Options include LED output, remote operated gimbled and zoomable camera, Infra-red recording, and timed lapse photography. The video or still images are live streamed to your device from anywhere in the world or downloaded to the inbuilt SD card and accessed via your device at any time.


Solar HD Wi-Fi Camera and Light The Solar Lighting Designs HD Wi-Fi CCTV is a standalone, wiring free, solar security system supported by a smart device App. Included brackets ensure simple wall or post installation, camera setup is a simple process. The removable solar panel and 5 metre extension allow the camera to be installed out of direct sunlight. The camera and integrated light are motion activated and record in 1080p ensuring clear images and video day or night. Recording alerts are immediately sent to your device for viewing. Live streaming and audio to and from the camera are available through the App.

People are much more likely to act normally if they feel like they’re being watched, especially those with malicious intent. Combining our radar sensor operated flood light with the SLD Solar HD Wi-fi Camera & Lighting Combinations will act as criminal deterrents, providing you with greatly increased security for your home or commercial property. If you want to learn more about our solar security lighting products or our other lighting products, call on 1300 765 265.