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Solar Bollard Lights & Walkway Lighting

Our range of Solar bollard lights are used in various applications, for safety and security lighting, to ensure compliance with the Australian Standard PP5 lighting code for walkways and pathways or simply provide ambient lighting to your garden. Solar powered walkway and pathway lights are popular with caravan parks, botanical gardens, residential developments, and camp sites.

We have a complete range of solar powered lights for pathways and walkways. While each of our solar bollard lights are similar in operation, they can differ in output of light, length of operation or function, so please ensure you read the product specifications to ensure the solar bollard light you want will match your requirements.

Solar Bollard Lights

Reasons to use our Solar Bollards

Our wide range of solar powered walkway lights are suitable for commercial and residential purposes. With high lighting outputs (ranging from 200 – 500 lumens depending on the model), our selection of solar bollard lights are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in safely illuminating walkways for pedestrians. We also have a range of ‘Wildlife Friendly’ solar bollards that are designed to be placed near animal habitats without disturbing the animals’ behaviours.

Residential Properties

Our solar powered pathway lights are extremely effective in illuminating pathways and gardens around residential properties. With very simple installation and dusk-till-dawn functionality, our solar bollard lights can be the perfect accompaniment to your garden. For timing and colour controls, see our Orion Premium RGB Solar Bollard.

Commercial Properties

Our range of solar bollards includes vandal resistant options for public areas where vandalism is a concern. Made from high strength polycarbonates (IK10+ rated) and installed using superior anti-theft and anti-vandal fixings, our Halo Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard offers the upmost in protection against accidental and malicious damage. These vandal resistant solar powered walkway lights are suited for public parks, beachfronts, commercial driveways or anywhere vandalism is a concern.

Ecological concerns

Breeding grounds for sea turtles, bats and many other insects and animals (especially near the ocean) can be majorly disrupted by the impacts of artificial lighting. Artificial lights, particularly near turtle nesting grounds, can be mistaken for moonlight and disorientate the turtles. Effective wildlife friendly lighting must be shielded, kept low to the ground, be low-wattage and emit a light wavelength of 560 nanometres or higher which to the human eye appears amber and is invisible to most wildlife. Our ‘Wildlife friendly’ Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard utilise this wavelength and are specifically designed to be placed near animal resting grounds, to both guide pedestrians and add non disruptive lighting to nearby animals.

Other lighting forms not suitable

Sometimes overhead lighting isn’t a suitable solution for customers lighting requirements. These reasons can include budget limitation, inability to install lighting columns, the need to limit excess lighting, no availability of mains power and more. In these cases, solar bollard lights are the most suitable option, as they provide high levels of lighting at a far lower cost to overhead lighting options.

No ongoing costs

Solar powered walkway lights offer a low-cost alternative to AC powered lighting. After fixing the solar powered bollards to a stable surface, they are ready for operation – No need for trenching, cabling, conduiting or power bills.

Simple maintenance

The only maintenance needed is a periodic clean of the solar panel to ensure the lights are charging at maximum efficiency.

Long life

Our solar powered bollards are manufactured from highly durable polycarbonates and designed for external use. Alongside the LIFePO4 batteries, our solar bollards have a minimum life span of 6 years before the battery needs to be replaced.


All Solar Lighting Designs bollard lights come with a 2-year warranty.

Although many of our solar bollards operate similarly, each may be suited for specific applications. If you have any questions on which product would best suit your home, business, or public areas, call us on 1300 76 52 65.