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Solar Road, Traffic & Safety Products

Solar radar speed signs provide positive visual enforcement of the designated speed limit. Solar lit speed signs have been proven to be effective, particularly with today’s highly visual, often distracted drivers. Usually installed in areas where speeding vehicles are in close proximity to pedestrians such as school zones, construction zones, residential areas, and college campus.

Solar LED enhancing road signs are a simple and effective way to increase the visibility of the message through using solar lighting, improving the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Manufactured to Australian Standard on 3M reflective material. This innovative solar light enhanced technology employs a set of synchronised ultra-bright reflective backed LEDS that operate day and/or night and are visible for up to 2000 metres.

Solar pavement Markers or lane markers are a low-cost, self-contained, rechargeable, LED illuminated marker. Visible up to 800 metres, our solar powered pavement markers are used to reduce speed or signal driver attention to pedestrian crossings, hazards, and dangerous bends on our roads.


Additional information on these products

Solar Pedestrian Warning System

The SLD Solar Pedestrian Warning System is at the forefront of solar enhanced traffic safety technology. Comprised of backlit crossing signs and wireless solar road markers, the system is designed to improve pedestrian safety in high-risk locations by dramatically increasing the visibility of the pedestrian crossing day and night. In standby mode, the backlit signs illuminate periodically, alerting oncoming traffic of the crossing. When the button is activated, the backlit signs and the solar road markers flash in sequence, becoming highly visual to drivers in the day and night. Designed with Australian standard AS1906.1 signs, this system was designed for warehouses, truck and bus depots, distribution centres or anywhere pedestrian safety is a concern.

Solar Radar Speed Signs

The solar radar speed sign records oncoming motorists’ speeds and displays it in red or green depending on if they are under or over the designated speed limit. This technology has the proven ability to influence drivers’ speeds and is typically installed in areas where cars and pedestrians are in close proximity, such as school zones, construction zones and residential areas.

Solar Road Signs

These solar speed signs have been proven to be effective, particularly in areas where vehicles are near pedestrians such as school zones, construction zones, residential areas, and university campuses. The addition of solar lights for signs greatly increases drivers’ awareness of upcoming hazards, speed limits or pedestrian share zones. With a 500-lumen output, these signs are visible to upcoming traffic for up to 2000 metres.

Solar Road, Solar Walkway and Solar Pavement Markers

These units require no maintenance and generate no ongoing operational costs. The SLD solar pavement markers offer trip hazard free, all-night dusk to dawn lighting that will clearly define a walkway or cycleway.

The solar road markers have a three-part design, the cast aluminium base that is set into the substrate, the removable epoxy filled internal componentry and the nonslip polycarbonate lens. They are available in various colours and static or flashing modes to suit different coloured surfaces or increase visibility in areas with extreme seasonal weather.

Benefits of Solar Road and walkway Makers

  • Cost Efficient – Affordable upfront cost, with no ongoing maintenance or energy costs.
  • Bright – Our solar powered road markers output 48 lumens, which allows for roadway guidance without being a visual distraction.
  • Easy to install – SLD solar road markers come as a flush mount model or with a spigot, allowing for easy installation with only a drill and epoxy.
  • Covered by warranty – We offer a 2-year warranty on our solar road markers.

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