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2024-03-27 10:17:17

Why Solar Bollards Are Your Answer To Outdoor Lighting

  • ethan
  • March 27 2024

Introduction to Solar Bollard Lighting


Businesses across the globe are searching for cost-effective solutions that adhere to the growing sustainable demands. From this, solar bollard lighting is skyrocketing in popularity, here’s why.

Solar bollard lighting consists of self-contained lighting units that generate their own energy through in-built solar panels. This effective, and efficient approach significantly reduces the cost of not only operation but also installation, as they’re ready out of the box.

Solar lighting solutions many advantages and nuances can be complex, so let’s go over them now.


Installation and Maintenance


Solar lighting has many benefits, but in terms of solar bollard lighting, the installation and maintenance is a key advantage. This bonus comes from the nature of solar, as they generate their own energy they don’t need to be connected to a central power grid. This versatility allows for major parts of the standard installation process to be avoided, leading to significant cost savings from labour saved, as well as material. This advantage also allows additional freedom with the location of your bollards, as they can quickly be embedded into the ground and operational without connecting it to the grid.

Once installed, maintaining your solar bollards is simple. With minimal regular cleaning of the solar panels to remove any dust or debris build-up, they can operate independently for between 2-5 years, depending on conditions.

See our recommended maintenance guidelines below for additional information.


Maintenance Guidelines:

  • Regular cleaning of solar panels recommended to ensure efficient operation.
  • Inspect and replace internal batteries every 2-5 years.
  • Routine external and internal component checks for damage and corrosion.
  • Inspect and replace LED bulbs based on manufacturer's guidelines of product.

Applications of Solar Bollard Lighting


Due to its versatility, solar bollard lighting has found popularity in both residential and commercial applications.


Residential Solar Bollard Lighting:


Solar bollard lighting is often used in residential settings to illuminate outdoor spaces like pathways, gardens and driveways, as it is a visually pleasing method to improve safety. Its cost-effective and low-maintenance nature serves well, with many new housing developments featuring solar solutions. With new products featuring systems that can be modified to the users' liking, like colour and timing, their popularity is only going to grow.



  • Pathway and walkway illumination
  • Garden and landscape lighting
  • Driveway and entrance lighting
  • Patio and deck accent lighting
  • Security lighting around the perimeter of the property
  • Illumination for outdoor entertainment areas
  • Lighting for outdoor seating areas
  • Enhancement of architectural features
  • Safety lighting for steps and hazards

Commercial Solar Bollard Lighting:


Commercial uses dominate the solar bollard market, with businesses and local governing bodies utilising them due to their vandal-resistant properties and ecological advantages. Solar bollard lighting systems offer a unique approach to tackling vandalism, as they allow you to protect driveways, public spaces, or anywhere else vandalism is concerned with an affordable, aesthetic product. Their high-strength design and anti-vandal fittings ensure they can withstand significant punishment.

The main advantage of solar bollard solutions is their environmental impact. Places that require outdoor lighting are often close to natural habitats; this is a problem as studies show artificial lighting causes significant disruption to wildlife. By emitting specific lighting wavelengths designed to minimise disruption, and positioned low to the ground, solar bollard lights can be used in locations where traditional systems can be harmful. Beachfront, parks and other outdoor spaces can access lighting without the environmental impacts.



  • Pathway lighting for public parks and recreational areas
  • Illumination for public parking lots and rest areas
  • Safety lighting for pedestrian crosswalks and bike paths
  • Accent lighting for historic sites and monuments
  • Outdoor lighting for campuses and educational facilities
  • Security lighting for public buildings and facilities
  • Ambient lighting for urban plazas and public gardens
  • Wayfinding lighting in large outdoor complexes like zoos and botanical gardens
  • Emergency egress lighting for outdoor events and venues
  • Lighting for public docks and marinas

Choosing the Product for Your Needs


If you're looking for solar bollard lighting solutions, we recommend the following products based on your needs:

To find the solar bollard solution for you, visit Solar Lighting Designs today. With offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth - we’re here for you.