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City of Cockburn Park Lighting Project

Client Brief

The City of Cockburn contacted us regarding a need for walkway lighting for a pathway through Tangle Park. These works were part of ongoing multi-park solar lighting project that the City of Cockburn had initially approached us about.


Our WA team met with the council on site to determine the scope of the works and conduct site measurements. Our team determined that overhead Solar Street Lighting would better suit the environment. Solar Bollards were a consideration, though using overhead solar lighting became more cost effective for the client, as the lighting footprint is significantly larger, reducing the number of lights needed overall. Our team proposed our 20w Blade Overhead Solar Lights fitted to custom powder coated lighting columns.


Using a handheld auger, our installation team were able to set all the posts and mount the lights in a single day. The clients from the City of Cockburn were very pleased with the result.

Products Used in this Project