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Merriwa RGB Tree Lighting

 Client Brief

Solar Lighting Designs was approached by the Merriwa Progress Association on behalf of Upper Hunter Shire Council, as they required multi-coloured tree lighting installed through the main street of their town. This was a part of Upper Hunter Shire Councils aim to add lighting colour to the town from the late afternoon until midnight.


After initial discussions with the Merriwa Progress Association, SLD determined the most suitable product for the works would be our RGB Solar Floodlight, due to the large lighting distribution and the selectable colour wheel. As the lights and panels were being installed on a public street, we designed vandal resistant cages to cover the solar floodlights, which would be installed at the base of the trees. This would also be accompanied by a Powdercoat black mounting column for the solar panel. After the quotation was accepted by council, we travelled to Merriwa for an onsite assessment, where final measurements taken, and the locations were marked for the installation team.


The SLD installation team and installation manager travelled to, and stayed in Merriwa during the installation period, which took three days in total. The Merriwa Progress Association, as well as the council were pleased with the outcome, and by the work of the installation team.


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