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FDC Construction & Fitout Installation

Client Brief

FDC Construction approached SLD regarding the illumination of an entrance driveway leading to multiple newly constructed warehouse sites. The client required full Dialux reporting, which would provide evidence that any proposed solar lights and light placements would achieve Australian lighting standard PR5.


Hi-resolution aerial imagery, followed by on site measurements allowed SLD to complete the full lighting design. With that, we conclude that the applied standard could be achieved with our Blade 40w Overhead Solar Lights mounted to our SLD Hinged Lighting Columns. The Hinged Lighting Columns allow for a simple installation without the need for lifting equipment, as well as easy access if maintenance is required.


Under the guidance of the project manager, the SLD installation set the foundation cages and let the concrete set for seven days. Following that, our team returned and fixed the solar lights to the columns, then raised the columns into place. This was all completed safely, with the SLD installation team complying to general and site specific WHS procedures.