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2023-01-20 01:01:03

Economic advantage of using solar bollards

  • ethan
  • January 20 2023

Adequate lighting is essential for commercial, residential, and commonly used public areas, as a lack of reasonable lighting can present serious safety and security risks. Though lighting projects with mains powered lighting can be time consuming, have disruptive installations and can be very costly. Solar lighting provides a significantly more cost-effective alternative compared to mains powered lighting when considered all associated costs. As an example of this, I will compare the installation and use of mains powered bollard lights and commercial solar bollards.


When comparing costs of mains powered bollard lights to solar bollard lights, the most significant cost difference comes from the installation of the products. As the mains powered bollard lights would need to be connected to a power source, this would typically involve the need for cabling and conduiting, which is an expensive process. Besides the expense, it is very disruptive as it required heavy equipment to dig long holes for the cabling to sit in, resulting in hours or days of loud construction noise and possible blocking of pathways or driveways. Alternatively, our commercial solar bollards are entirely self-contained units that require no cabling or conduiting whatsoever. Additionally, the installation process for any solar bollards is typically very simple and fast, only requiring standard power tools.

On-Going Costs

Mains powered lighting of any kind will obviously result in on-going electricity bills. Our commercial solar bollards, as well as all our remaining solar lights we sell in Australia are all off grid and result in no power bills. The only ongoing cost that you will face with our solar bollard lights is a need to replace the battery every 5-7 years, which can be purchased from us and is very easy to change over.


Regarding maintenance, both options do only need minimal ongoing work to ensure they work to the upmost efficiency. Our solar bollard lights only require the panel to be wiped off once a year to make sure dirt and dust aren’t disrupting the charging.

Above are some simple comparisons of the installation and maintenance processes of mains powered bollard lights and solar powered bollard lights. The significant difference in the effort required to install the goods as well as the comparison of on-going costs show the economic advantages of using commercial solar lighting bollards over the mains powered alternative.

To learn more about solar bollard lights in Australia, or any other of our solar lights, view our products online or give us a call at 1300 76 52 65.