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2023-02-22 11:03:35

Brightening up Roads with LED Lights from Innovative Solar Road Markers

  • ethan
  • February 22 2023

Did you know that there are over 1.44 billion cars on the road today? Of these, 20 million are in Australia alone. That’s a staggering 4 million increase in registered motor vehicles in Australia since 2010.

With the growing number of motor vehicles, it is essential to prioritise safety by promoting driver and pedestrian compliance. 

One way to achieve this is by ensuring roads are well-lit, especially in low-visibility conditions. A well-lit road helps drivers see road markings and understand what movements are legal or prohibited, thereby avoiding accidents. However, traditional street lighting systems are expensive to install and maintain, especially in rural areas. 

To overcome this, innovative solar road markers have been developed that use LED lights to illuminate roads at night.

What’s Special About Solar Road Markers?

Solar road markers are small, durable, and eco-friendly devices that illuminate roads at night using stored solar energy. These markers are placed on the side of the road and use solar power and batteries to make and store energy during the day. At night, LED lights are powered using stored energy, providing visibility for drivers. 

Solar road markers such as these also enhance road visibility during conditions like fog, mist, and rain when visibility is poor, as they are visible over 800 meters. With features such as cast aluminium and polycarbonate construction and a load rating of 10-20 tonnes, they have an expected lifespan of over five years. They're incredibly convenient as they are trafficable, self-contained, rechargeable, and with automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting.

Benefits of Innovative Solar Road Markers

One of the primary benefits of using solar lights for signs and road markers is their eco-friendliness. Solar road markers do not emit harmful pollutants or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions like traditional electric lighting. 

Furthermore, conventional street lighting systems consume a lot of electricity, while solar road markers, which are powered by renewable energy, reduce the carbon footprint of illuminating roads. As they don't require a power source or connectivity to an electric grid, there's no electricity bill nor the need for extensive installation, reducing costs and minimising maintenance.

Another benefit of using solar road markers is their durability. Traditional street lighting systems are prone to damage from extreme weather conditions, leading to the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Since solar road markers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are a reliable source of light on roads.

Solar road markers are also highly efficient. Research estimates that at least 70% of the light from traditional street lights is wasted as we cannot channel it to the road. Since we can direct illumination from solar road markers, they are more efficient and do not contribute to light pollution. 

Another advantage of solar road markers is that they are cost-effective. While the initial cost of installation may be higher than traditional street lighting systems, operation and maintenance costs are significantly lower. With no electrical wiring or bulbs that need replacing, using solar lights for signs means time and money saving compared to traditional electric lighting.

Solar road markers also offer a high level of customisation. Traditional street lighting systems are limited in design options, while solar lights for signs come in various designs and colours, making it easier to match them with the surrounding environment. Additionally, we can program LED lights to flash in different patterns, making it easier to highlight specific areas or warn drivers of potential hazards.


Solar road markers are a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reliable alternative to traditional street lighting systems. And with their various design options and customisation capabilities, they offer an innovative solution for brightening roads and ensuring road safety.

If you require innovative lighting solutions for your site, private road, or warehouse, consider this line of solar road markers.