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Sap Designer Lighting – Park Lighting Project

Client Brief

Sap Designer Lighting and Electrical approached SLD as their client required solar street lighting in the far end of a council park carpark where 240v power wasn’t accessible without cabling and trenching. Additionally, they required lighting for a second area as their client wanted lighting in a field for aesthetic purposes. Our client at Sap Designer Lighting specified they were going to mount the lights to existing wooden posts, with the luminaire height being 4500mm.


Considering the clients requirements and mounting height, we determined that our 30w Eco Blade Solar Light was the most suitable product for the works. The products multiple smart preprogrammed lighting options allow the clients to tailor the light output to the area.


Following the installation of the solar lighting, Sap Designer Lighting contacted SLD and mentioned that the lights worked perfectly and operated exactly how they hoped they would. They also graciously provided photos of the completed works.


Products Used in this Project