Solar Batten Lighting and Farm Shed Lighting

Our solar powered batten Light offers the latest in solar lighting technology. A compact innovative design featuring high light output, 72 programmable light modes, built-in Lithium battery, MPPT charge controller, Microwave (Radar) Sensor. Simple plug and play installation with premium MC4 waterproof connectors, a 50W Solar Panel and Mounting Bracket and light batten mounting hardware included. It is a perfect solution for many outdoor applications such as carports, bus shelters, warehouses, temporary shelters, street kiosks, camping, boating or any remote locations where mains power is a challenge.

Solar farm lighting is designed to be used in large farm sheds, garden sheds or any space that requires light during the night AND/OR daylight hours. Standard solar lighting will not operate whilst the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, our farm and shed solar lights are designed to operate both during the day and the night. They are on/off remote control operated and offer push button adjustment of the time the light operates to the output brightness of the light.

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