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Tassal Seafood Dock Availability Indicator

Client Brief

Tassal Seafoods approached us regarding ongoing heavy vehicle traffic issues due at their product dispatch warehouse. Truck drivers who arrived to pick up dispatching stock would drive into dock areas that were already occupied with other trucks, forcing them to reverse out. This caused continuous on-site traffic backups, as well as creating a WHS concerns for other drivers and pedestrians.


After several discussions with the client, we determined the best course of action was a custom-built system to suit their site. We designed a multi directional arrow system that was designed to fit into a site-specific instructional sign. The system is mains powered and the arrow direction can be changed using a remote control. This allowed the client to manually control the direction arrows and give direction to the drivers when entering the facility.


The client was pleased with the result, as it allowed them to safely control the flow of traffic and minimise the risk of WHS accidents.

Products Used in this Project