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Radar Speed SignRadar Speed Sign


  • Signs manufactured to Australian Standards using 3M reflective material
  • Increase the visibility of the message and improve safety
  • Reduces the speed of traffic by creating awareness of speed limit
  • >72 hours autonomy, Day and/or night operation
  • IP65 Waterproof design
  • Quality LiFeP04 battery
  • Simple to install – secures to a 76mm sign post
  • Transportable trailer fixed option available
  • Efficient and effective visual enforcement
  • Doppler radar K-Band, 24.1250Ghz technology
  • Relocatable or Fixed versions available
  • 2 year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means.
Radar speed signs provide positive visual enforcement of the designated speed limit. These signs have been proven to be effective, particularly with today’s highly visual, often distracted drivers. Usually installed in areas where speeding vehicles are in close proximity to pedestrians. The Solar Radar speed limit sign utilizes ultra-bright, high quality and long-life LED technology to provide an animated enforcement of the designated speed limit. The minimal current draw of the system is simply and effectively powered using solar energy. A Bluetooth APP (android) allows control over the full dot matrix display area to change the posted speed limit between 00 – 99 Km/h and system analysis. Once the speed is set the radar detects oncoming vehicles and displays the vehicle speed.

Optional Extras Available

  • Relocatable Footing - Radar speed sign can be fixed to a 600 x 600 x 1200mm concrete footing that can be relocated to different areas when needed
  • Trailer Fixed Option - Radar speed sign can be fixed to a trailer and easily transported from site to site.


Technical Data

LED Screen

320 x 320mm


900 x 600 x 100mm

Display Colour


LED Wavelength


Luminance Density

≥6000cd/m2 Outdoor Highlighted

Viewing Angle


Viewing Distance

1 – 200 Mtrs

Speed Range

1 – 99 km/h

Fixed Sign Material

Aluminum/3M reflective

Radar Frequency

K-Band, 24.1250Ghz

Radar Range

1 – 150 Mtrs

Radar Accuracy


Battery Specifications

24 Ah 12v
(288Wh) LiFeP04

Power Consumption

Max 11W Average ≤2W

Solar Panel

18v 60w


>48 Hours (setting dependent)


< 6 Hours

Mounting Height

2 – 2.5 Mtrs

Display Brightness

Automatic Dimming

Waterproof Rating


Warranty Period

2 years


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  • A typical 4 x D cell battery maglite will emit approx. 70 lumens
  • The average path light using 2-3 LEDs emits 15-18 lumens
  • A 25W incandescent globe emits approximately 160 lumens