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600x600mm 3600x600mm 3


  • Simple and cost-effective alternative to sky light installation
  • Fast and easy installation with standard tools
  • 5000k Lighting temperature for natural lighting effect
  • 15m of cabling included
  • 600x600mm light head allows for extended light spread for larger rooms
  • Can be installed on any floor of residences
  • No batteries or switch; unit illuminates in relation to direct sun exposure on the solar panel
  • Solar panel mounting hardware included
  • Flush or surface mounted
  • No light shaft, mains power or battery required
  • 2 year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means
This premium solar lighting product is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a standard sky lighting installation without the need for a light shaft or mains power. The product’s natural lighting effect and the lighting output being directly proportional to the sunlight on the solar panel mimics the look and feel of a standard skylight. The 15-metre extension cabling, flush or surface mounting options ensure this ‘plug and play’ system can be installed in any room or any level of the building. The LED flat panels provide an effective method of illuminating hallways, commercial sheds, shipping containers, and more.

Technical Data



Solar Panel Wattage


LED Output


Lumen Output

7020lm (full sun exposure)

Battery Type


Battery Specifications




Correlated Colour Temp (CCT)


Fixture Size

600 (I) x 600 (w) x 15 (h) mm (per light)

Mounting Height



Flush or surface mounting

Warranty Period

2 years


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Solar Sky Light - 60w Square Light Data Sheet

OPERATIONAL MODES This unit operates in direct relation to the sun exposure on the solar panel, replicating the operation of a standard sky light.WHAT IS A LUMEN? In simple terms, Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating, the “brighter” the lamp will work. FAMILIAR EXAMPLES
  • A typical 4 x D cell battery maglite will emit approx. 70 lumens
  • The average path light using 2-3 LEDs emits 15-18 lumens
  • A 25W incandescent globe emits approximately 160 lumens