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Solar HD Wi-fi Camera & Lighting Combinations

The Solar Lighting Designs HD Wi-Fi CCTV is a standalone, wiring free, solar security system supported by a smart device App. Included brackets ensure simple wall or post installation, camera setup is a simple process. The removable solar panel and 5 metre extension allow the camera to be installed out of direct sunlight. The camera and integrated light are motion activated and record in 1080p ensuring clear images and video day or night. Recording alerts are immediately sent to your device for viewing. Live streaming and audio to and from the camera are available through the App.

Solar Lighting Designs CCTV/Lighting all-in-one units offer remote lighting and CCTV recording from almost any location. Systems are available in Wi-Fi or 4G models and are standalone solutions for areas without access to mains power. Options include LED output, remote operated gimbled and zoomable camera, Infra-red recording and timed lapse photography. The video or still images are live streamed to your device from anywhere in the world or downloaded to the inbuilt SD card and accessed via your device at any time.

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