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Solar Batten And Solar Shed Lighting

Solar Lighting Designs’ solar batten lights offer the latest in solar lighting technology with the ability to connect multiple lights together to operate independently or together from one remote or completely automatically by PIR sensor. The solar batten light range features compact innovative designs, high light output, programmable lighting modes, Lithium battery, PIR (movement) Sensor. Simple plug and play installation. Waterproof connectors, solar panel mounting bracket and light mounting hardware included. A perfect solution for many indoor and outdoor applications such as shipping containers, carports, bus shelters, temporary shelters, solar shed lighting, street kiosks, camping, or any remote locations where mains power is a challenge.

Solar shed lighting is designed to be used in large farm sheds, garden sheds or any space that requires light during the night AND/OR daylight hours. Standard solar lighting will not operate whilst the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, our solar lights for sheds and farms are designed to operate both during the day and the night. They are on/off remote control operated and offer push button adjustment of the time the light operates to the output brightness of the light.


Why use SLD solar batten lights?

High lighting output

Our solar batten lights use 120 highly efficient Samsung LEDs that can produce a maximum of 4200 lumens. With remote control operation, dimming control and automatic motion sensor modes, our batten lights are perfect for verandas, doorways, as solar shed lights and more.

Cost efficiency

The SLD solar batten light required no cabling, trenching, or rewiring. It’s simple plug and play operation means you can easily light areas with no access to mains power without any additional charges for electricians or on your power bill.

Minimise your energy use

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency is everyone’s responsibility. Besides reducing additional charges to reducing charges to your electricity bills, it also helps the environment and provides a buffer against higher energy prices predicted for the future.

Easy installation

Our solar batten lights are sold complete with the light head, solar panel, mounting brackets and fixings. Wits its simple plug and play operation, this product was designed to be as easy as possible for anyone in their homes to install it themselves.

2-year warranty

Our solar batten lights come with a two-year warranty.

Why choose solar lighting designs?

Expert advice

Our experienced sales team and lighting engineer are here to assist you and provide solutions to your lighting needs. Whether you have technical questions or need a complete lighting plan, our team is happy to help and provide no obligation quotes.

Reliable products

Our products, including the solar batten lights, are manufactured from highly durable polycarbonates, steel mounting frames or bases and use high output LEDs and are purpose built for internal and external use. This combination of strong, high-quality materials ensures that our products will continue to operate through all-weather elements without degrading or breaking.

Simple to use products

All SLD products are simply plug and play operation. We send the goods to you fully charged so after you install and switch the unit on, it’s ready for use.

Technical information

All our products have detailed technical data sheets, which provide our clients with products dimensions, manufacture materials, lumen outputs and more, allowing you to compare and make the best purchasing decision.

Personalised approach

Different areas require different levels of lighting and lighting methods. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the best options suited for your needs, and ensure you receive the best lighting solution.

Australian owned

Solar Lighting Designs is proud to be an Australian owned and certified business. We design, manufacture, supply and install solar lighting products to residential, commercial, and local government clients all over Australia.