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International Dark-Sky Association Partnership
Solar Lighting Designs has partnered with the International Dark-Sky Association. “Light pollution is increasing worldwide at twice the rate of global population growth. Eight out of ten people live under a light-polluted night sky, at least three billion dollars is wasted on outdoor lighting each year in the U.S.” - darksky.org The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) aims to reduce light pollution by providing policymakers and industries with tools and resources that promote responsible outdoor lighting. Through lobbying, conducting awareness raising campaigns, promoting corporate social responsibility, and providing certifications for lighting products that generate minimal light pollution, the IDA are focussed on creating a world where people can enjoy star-filled skies alongside responsible outdoor lighting. Solar Lighting Designs reflects the same ideals as the International Dark-Sky Association and recognises the importance of minimising light pollution globally. Through smart lighting programming and modern lens technology, our luminaires are designed to reduce light pollution while providing clean and effective outdoor lighting. To learn more about the International Dark-Sky Association click here.